Fuel Dock

Marine Fuel Dock & Jet Fuel

Traveling the Inside Passage? We’ve got you covered.

Well equipped

When you purchase our marine-grade diesel or gas, you can shop for snacks and supplies to take on your boating adventures. Above the dock, we have a landing pad with three helicopter jet fueling stations. AV fuel is available at the main meters closest to the dock ramp. We also service AV & jets off the floating fuel dock.

We have competitive pricing within our remote location on the Central Coast.

Our staff is friendly and will help you with any extra needs from contacting the harbour master for available moorage to calling the marine store to see if they can hold an available part you may need.

For fast service in high season please communicate with our friendly staff on VHF Ch 8 to help direct you to the best fueling station for your boating needs. We have 2 size Diesel hoses for large and small vessels. Floatplane docking and multiple docking spots for your various vessel sizes. For our hours, please visit the contact page.

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Retail Convience Store

Block ice, bait, snacks, gifts, and more.

Personal Goods

T-Shirts, sunglasses, and organic body care items

Fuels you need

Marine Grade Diesel/Gas, Jet Fuel, AV gas -available on land and dock

Maintenance Supplies

bilge cleaner, spill pads, fuel additives, oil (Mobil, Delo, Sierra) available

Friendly Staff

Knowledgable and ready to help you