in the heart of the
Great Bear Rainforest

Situated inside Heiltsuk territory, we are surrounded by smooth, calm, rich, and protected waters. With hundreds of inlets and bays, these waters are some of the richest, most abundant salmon fishing grounds in the world. This region is a highway for pacific salmon. All species of salmon are found migrating through the nearby passageways created by a hundreds of small islands dotting this coast. In turn, this creates a prime habitat for schooling baitfish and their predators alike. This is a sports fishing dream come true!

Our expert local BC fishing guides will take you on an adventure of a lifetime. They know and understand the water up here as they live it day in and day out. For these guides, finding fish comes as natural as breathing. Many are also fantastic storytellers and will take you on an enchanting journey of culture and heritage. There is no doubt they will keep you entertained as you cruise to the numerous hot spots, the local secret spots, or as you wait for the fish to bite.

The Chinook Salmon, also known as King Salmon, are genetically classed as the largest salmon in the world. They are consistently abundant in the Tyee class and are incredibly plentiful in the water here. Blessed with their distinct character and their habitat, they are generally huge and hard-hitting. We are almost certain you will hook big one and have the best fight of your life.

With world-class salmon fishing, a beautiful location and our expert guides, you will surely experience a trip of a lifetime with us. Salmon fishing in BC is certainly a must-do and we are ready to show you our beautiful ‘playground’. Check out the DFO Catch Allowance to help plan your trip as well as our Fishing Report, highlighting exciting encounters of guests visiting us at Shearwater.


Salmon fishing.

A Sports fishing dream-come-true.


Our variety of travel, lodging, and trip options assures you that we can tailor a package that works with your needs, absolutely perfectly!

The all-inclusive fly-in packages we have will give you the ultimate in BC fishing at fantastic prices.

Our sales specialists will ensure you have the enjoyment of your vacation taken care of, letting you dream about the adventure to come.

Or, choose “do it yourself” style of package where you can arrive by BC Ferry or with your boat.


Check out our all-inclusive sport fishing packages and trips.

With our all-inclusive fishing trips, you will experience absolutely incredible BC fishing excursions in the renowned, Great Bear Rainforest! Our adventures will inspire your sports fishing bucket list. Our calm water sports fishing adventures are situated in the one of the most biologically intense locations on earth. As well we are on one of the largest “salmon highways” in the Pacific. For this, Shearwater has become best known for the availability and abundance of fish.

You can select from our fully-guided or self-guided fishing trips, and un-guided bareboat fishing trips. Shearwater’s all-inclusive fishing package adventures begin at the Vancouver International Airport, South Terminal. We are just one and a half hours, on a turbo-prop plane that takes you non-stop from the hustle and bustle of the city to Shearwater, on Denny Island. Welcome to the gateway of the Great Bear Rainforest and incredible salmon fishing in Canada.