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Filming and Location Scouting at Shearwater


Shearwater Resort and Marina serves double duty for the film industry in British Columbia. Shearwater is a fantastic and scenic location for filming and location scouting, as well as a logical choice for staging and production support.

For years, savvy filmmakers have realized the powerful imagery and cinematic beauty of the central coast of British Columbia.  But it has been traditionally difficult to access. The largest challenge production units generally face is working with a partner that can not only provide a solid and reliable base of operations, but can advise of the challenges of working on the water in our part of the world such as filming around tides, weather, marine traffic, and more.


Known as the 'Gateway to the Great Bear Rainforest', Shearwater offers all the amenities any production could ever hope to find in one remote location in coastal British Columbia. Shearwater boasts the infrastructure of a small, intimate, and self-contained community including; 2 hotels, restaurant and bar, grocery and liquor store, hardware store, laundromat, reliable communications and high speed internet, and the support staff to make it all happen - year round. We offer regularly scheduled sea bus service to the neighboring community of Bella Bella, have 1500' of transient moorage, and utilize Denny Islands 3,000' runway and operate our own large helipad.


Additionally, our ocean worthy fleet of vessels, marine equipment, barges, combined with our experienced and knowledgeable captains and crews makes traveling, exploring, and setting up among the channels and inlets a breeze. We even operate our own sawmill! Utilizing our local knowledge, years of expertise, and our wide range of maritime equipment, Shearwater is the logical choice to stage and support your next coastal production from!


Because of our central & protected location on the coast, Shearwater is becoming an increasingly popular scouting, staging, and filming destination option for many commercials, TV series, and major motion pictures.  The combination of our historic, scenic, and rural location mixed with our intimate knowledge and expertise of the region give film producers the widest range of location opportunities to choose from.


Simply put, Shearwater Resort and Marina can help your production through the planning stages and help you accomplish what you are there for - to get the shot.

To discuss your request for production assistance
or to film at Shearwater Resort and Marina
Please contact Michael Maenck
Sales & Marketing Manager at 604-270-6204