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Shearwater Marine Group has operated in the Heiltsuk Territory since 1947, which encompasses 16,658 square kilometers of land as well as extensive shore and offshore waterway known as the Central Coast of British Columbia. We at Shearwater have and will always be respectful stewards of the land and thoughtful partners with our neighbours, the Heiltsuk people. We cherish our special relationship with all First Nations of the region.


Your eco-adventure of a lifetime awaits you at Shearwater Resort and Marina - The most remarkable eco-adventure vacation resort in the Great Bear Rainforest in Super Natural British Columbia.

We are ready to bring you on the exhilarating and breathtaking eco-adventure vacation of a lifetime. Our untamed and  untouched surroundings are simply unbelievable.


Shearwater Resort and Marina is the Gateway to the Great Bear Rainforest where wildlife is abundant in this vast area of temperate rainforest. Bald eagles, Sitka deer and bears—grizzlies, black bears and the rare white Spirit Bear—are all found here. Spend days watching Humpback Whales, Orcas, steller Sea lions, Dall’s porpoises and harbour seals and enjoy the sounds and sights in one of the most untamed areas of British Columbia.

Whale watching of Orca's (or Killer Whales), Humpback Whales, and Grey Whales is made available all season long because of our special area on the Central West Coast of BC. We even get to see Pacific White-sided Dolphins due to our close proximity to the open ocean.

Killer Whales (Orca) are frequent visitors at Shearwater Resort on the Central Boast of BC

In addition to whale watching there are natural Hot Springs with endless vistas of the Coastal Mountain Range to enjoy, Black, Grizzly and Kermode (Spirit) bear viewing is also a popular attraction in the late summer when enthusiasts view these incredible mammals feasting on the spawning salmon.


Ancient pictographs telling a story from long ago       Grizzly Mom with cubs near Shearwater Resort


"The Setting is ideal, Whales breaching, eagles, otters, seals and beautiful sunsets and sunrises"
Susan T.
Clinton, WA

Remember, they didn't name our area 'The Great Bear Rainforest' for nothing!

And this is only just a sampling of what you can see while in the Central Coast of British Columbia at Shearwater Resort & Marina.

Blacktail Deer can be seen by the shore foraging on seaweed near Shearwater Lodge in BC
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A pack of White Sided Dolphins chasing the boat for some fun   Killer Whales (Orcas) share the waters with guests at Shearwater   A Porcupine stretching its legs in the Great Bear Rainforest

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