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Our Philosophy

Shearwater’s Philosophy


Vision: To be a world renowned destination on the Central Coast of British Columbia while helping to maintain a vibrant local community and continue to deliver superior quality experiences at every level of our business.

 We strive to make every guest at Shearwater feel welcome, at home, and to provide the highest level of service and quality in everything that we do. That is just not a statement but rather an agreed upon commitment that each member of the Shearwater team is dedicated to.

As the gateway to the Great Bear Rainforest in the heart of British Columbia’s supernatural Central Coast, Shearwater Resort and Marina is perfectly situated for you to experience the natural majesty of the area with the comforts and amenities of a true Canadian adventure resort.

Our marine heritage is an integral part of Shearwater Resort and Marina. For this reason we work tirelessly to continue to offer world-class service and support to all who visit our docks. We are proud to be the most trusted destination for every mariner through the Central Coast.

Sport fishing enthusiasts from around the globe journey to Shearwater each season as our reputation for unmatched salt water fishing adventures continues to grow. Our experienced and dedicated guides are among the elite in the business, and their professionalism and knowledge is greatly appreciated by anglers who put their faith in a successful fishing trip with Shearwater season after season.

At Shearwater, we live symbiotically with the abundant wildlife around us. Our harmonious relationship is evident in the sheer numbers of whales, dolphins, bald eagles, deer, bears, wolves, sea lions, porpoises and various other species that make their homes in and around Shearwater, Denny Island and the Central Coast.

Shearwater is a community that has carefully grown with time and become an easily accessible port of call for mariners, the local community and tourists alike. It is important to us that we use our resources wisely to minimize our impact on the land in order to preserve our pristine environment.

We are the most northernly marina and eco-destination participating in the ‘Leave No Trace’ environmental program in BC and we operate our own artesian well, which provides you with drinking water many times purer than most municipal water plants. We operate a recycling program for glass, plastic bottles and paper servicing the resort, Denny island and our guests.  


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