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Central Coast Minimum Impact Practices

Leave No Trace

Shearwater Resort and Marina operates year round and the environment is central to our business.

Numerous staff make Shearwater their permanent home, and we realized long ago that we share a responsibility to maintain our environment for the future. We chose to support and follow the 'Leave No Trace' program which makes a strong statement and echos what we believe.


Leave No Trace is a national and international program designed to assist outdoor enthusiasts with their decisions about how to reduce their impacts when they hike, camp, picnic, snowshoe, run, bike, hunt, paddle, ride horses, fish, ski or climb. The program strives to educate all those who enjoy the outdoors about the nature of their recreational impacts as well as techniques to prevent and minimize such impacts.

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  • Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Leave What You Find
  • Minimize Campfire Impacts
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Considerate of Others

Help Keep Coastal British Columbia Clean

Tread lightly when traveling and leave no trace: sail, drive, hike and ride only where such travel is allowed. Please respect the natural environment, flowers and fauna and do not disturb any growth. Please show courtesy for fellow visitors and future generations.

  • Pack your trash and recycle it, clean up after less thoughtful visitors.
  • Protect and conserve our special water sources.
  • Carry your own drinking water.
  • Allow space for wildlife.
  • When encountering wildlife, maintain your distance and remain quiet.
  • Teach children not to chase or pick up any animals.
  • Keep your pets under control.
  • Leave historic sites, Native art, ruins and artifacts untouched for the future
  • Admire rock art from a distance and never touch it.
  • Stay out of ruins, leave artifacts in place, and report violations.


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