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An Overview

Shearwater can be described as three separate yet equal parts of a larger equation.

The support centre for the community it serves, the freight business which serves the entire Central Coast, and the unmatched eco-adventure & sport fishing adventures that are truly world class.

Cedar Fish sign at the Sport Dock at Shearwater, BC

It is always a fun exercise to describe Shearwater to someone for the first time, and a greater challenge to keep it under 100 words! You see, Shearwater Resort and Marina is so much more than any 'one' thing. Because of its rich history and its unique location on the Central Coast in supernatural British Columbia, Shearwater has grown into a stand alone marine, community and tourism destination - a genuine satellite town carved into the frontier that brings world class service and experiences together for all whom it services.


Shearwater was founded 70 years ago as a marine centre focused on servicing the immediate local area. This included developing strong commercial ties to the neighboring communities of Bella Bella and Bella Coola, before eventually extending its services to the entirety of the Central Coast. As Shearwater grew, so did the service offerings including; Ship building & repairs, a sawmill, water taxi services, tug & barge services , general contracting as well as freight and shipping. As time passed, these initial services grew into strong facilities and today Shearwater is a leader on the Central Coast - with freight services now extending from Shearwater to Port Hardy and onto Vancouver.


With the growth and success of the marine services, the physical town of Shearwater quickly grew and the further development of facilities and infrastructure has always been carefully planned and curated. Shearwater is the largest private employer on the Central Coast of B.C. and hosts thousands of guests a year. The town today provides many essential services in order to sustain the community, neighboring communities and visiting guests including; full electrical grid, clean natural artesian well water, a full service grocery store, post office, hotel, numerous housing rentals, a restaurant & bar, laundromat, marine store, full service shipyard, gift store, and fuel dock! Today there is satellite television, high speed internet and even 5 bar cellular service. 


The final part of the Shearwater equation is the eco-tourism and destination activities including yachting, boating and cruising along the Central Coast, the wildlife adventures such as whale & bear watching, and world class sport fishing. These adventures have propelled Shearwater to the forefront of the tourism industry and have made Shearwater a respected and trusted name when it comes to delivering on the promise of providing an adventure like no other!

Shearwater is also unique in that it attracts a certain type of person to its shores. If there is a common theme of characteristics that runs through the fabric of each visitor, guest, or employee - it is bold, adventurous, full of life, fun and full of character. Each person that stays, visits or works at Shearwater understands these values and it is a key reason why Shearwater continues to flourish.

Because Shearwater's pristine location on the Central Coast is unmatched, there is little to compare Shearwater to. The breathtaking sights and sounds are quite spiritual and there really is no place like it at all.

Please continue to look through the website, but understand that you are only seeing but a fraction of what you will experience as soon as you step ashore at Shearwater.

We look forward to having you visit us!

Where is Shearwater?

Shearwater Resort and Marine Centre (Shearwater North) is located at: 52.08.8°N 128.05.4°W on Denny Island in the Central Coast Regional District of British Columbia.



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